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Tatiomax Active Gold glutathione 1800mg by 60 softgel


Benefits of Tatio Active Gold Glutathione Whitening Gel Capsules With 1800mg of Glutathione, Algatrium, A.StemCell, Collagen, Alpha Lipoic Acid & Vitamin C New formula contains higher level of Glutathione plus additional anti-aging ingredients such as Collagen & Stemcell for total whitening formula that will help beautify & repair damaged skin for a glowing complexion – 60 Softgels – Contains 1000mg of L-Glutathione per Capsule, 4 Times as Much as Other Formulas – Promotes skin elasticity, prevents wrinkles and fine lines formation – Helps skin regain youthful and radiant complexion – Powerful anti-oxidants that will help detoxify the body of harmful substances – Glutathione Skin for Whitening has Been Shown To Be Safe and Effective in Numerous Clinical Studies – Compare bioavailability to injectable glutathione – Tatiomax Gold by Sujie Pharmaceutical, Tokyo Japan meets international standards for safety and purity Glutathione competitively inhibits melanin synthesis in the reaction of tyrosinase and L-DOPA by interrupting L-DOPA’s ability to bind to tyrosinase during melanin synthesis. These results indicate that glutathione inhibits the synthesis and agglutination of melanin by interrupting the function of L-DOPA. NEW LABEL-SAME FORMULA—–As our manufacturers try to remain competitive they have made changes to the packaging. As we try to sell through our stock and current inventory you may receive the old (amber) or new packaging (clear).But we want to assure you all of our products are 100% authentic. Manufactured by Tatiomax Pharma Corp. – Tokyo, Japan



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