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Sleep is essential for good health.

However, it is usually sacrificed when we are faced with a demand of target delivery at a schedule.

We give up sleep to meet targets even though our body functions optimally when it’s properly rested. This causes the body cells and tissues to breakdown predisposing one to tissue damages and low immune function.Sleep is important for both physical and mental wellbeing. A well 7-8hours sleep for adults help restore the body to its normal functional state.

According to Dr. Merill, a sleep expert and neuroscientist, “sleep services all aspects of our body in one way or the other; molecular, energy balance as well as intellectual function, alertness and mood”. Also, he rightly stated that loss of sleep impacts negatively on our problem solving skill and limits our ability to pay attention to details.Hence, sleep shouldn’t be neglected.

A well night sleep consists of 4 stages. These stages are further categorized into 2 namely; Non Rapid eye movement and Rapid eye movement. Sleep cycle progresses from non-REM to REM. Non REM consists of 3 stages.

Stage 1 is characterized with a feeling of dizziness and wanting to doze off. In stage 2, the mind and body activities get slowed down helping the individual settle properly into sleep. Stage 3 on the other hand starts with the body switching into a recovery state as it properly settles into rest. At this stage, there is less brain activity which makes waking up slightly difficult unlike in stage 1 and 2.The REM category which is the last stage is associated with a surge in brain and heart activity. Blood pressure is increased while brain activity is fired up to a level similar to when the body is awake. Dreams occur at this level. Nevertheless, owing to muscle paralysis at this stage, the body’s response to dream action is limited. This stage is also characterized with rapid eye movements as the name implies.

These 4 stages of sleep is essential for body build up and repair.Having this in mind, it is expected that an adult gets 7-8hours uninterrupted night sleep. This helps improve productivity each day as the body is tuned to function at its best. Adequate night sleep also helps keep your mood in check which in turn affects how you relate with people.

Therefore, endeavor to get a good night sleep for sufficient productivity and wellbeing. Stay healthy, stay productive.

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Stay healthy, stay productive!


Pharm. Ifeoma Ikechukwu

Ifeoma is a Pharmacist and a passionate Writer. As an avid reader and a clinical practitioner, she uses her knowledge and experience to provide adequate health-care tips and services to humankind


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