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Happiness Is Your Birthright

“We think happiness is a destination. when it’s actually a starting point, it enables all the positive outcomes in our lives if we choose to do it first.” –  Pasricha

Can you truly excel in your work if you are not doing your job happily? Can you achieve those big audacious goals of yours if you are not excited about them? Can you really live the good life if everyday of your life is devoid of joy?

More often than not, we think that happiness is a destination, but the truth of the matter is happiness is the starting point of great outcomes. Happiness is your birth right to a beautiful life. It is an essential ingredient in navigating your journey in our world.

Many smart individuals keep postponing their happiness. They feel that they have to achieve all their goals, have all the money, reach the zenith of their career and become a super hero before they deserve to be happy. However, they spend the rest of their lives chasing shadows.

You deserve to be happy not because you are perfect or your life is perfect but because that is the only way you can strive to be exceptional and make your life an inspiration to all of us.

I know that sadness is part of the equation of life. We had all experienced life challenges that made us sad. That is life. Therefore, being sad is not a sin, but being perpetually sad is a big sin. God wants you to live your life with peace, joy and love. And a man who lacks happiness from within cannot truly experience true peace, real joy and deep love.

Below are 7 things you can do to be happy right NOW and stay happy everyday.

1. Know yourself: Understand what shapes you and your emotions. Self-awareness guarantees happiness.

2. Be yourself: Stop comparing yourself and your journey with others. You are unique and your journey is unique too.

3. Don’t compete, create: Competing with others bring unneccesary stress and sadness. Work based on your own pace.

4. Focus on your personal growth: Happiness equals progress. Progress equals happiness.

5. Take personal responsibility for your happiness. Stop allowing others regardless of who they are to determine your state. Your are in charge.

6. Help others: Deep joy comes from helping others. Be intentional in giving, sharing and contributing.

7. Always count your blessings. Gratitude guarantees you unlimited joy in the present and open doors of opportunities for you in the future.

You have no excuse not to be happy. Regardless of what life throws at you, you won’t be the first or the last to experience it. If you need to cry, please do. I know that sometimes life can squeeze our heart with tragic event. But don’t stay too long in that mood. Find genuine reasons to be happy again and move ahead with your life in excitement and expectation. If you want to achieve great heights in life, being happy and excited will always make the journey interesting despite the challenges you will encounter in your pursuit of wealth, relationship and greatness.

Remember, you deserve to be happy and happiness is your birth right.

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