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Top 7 Online Pharmacy in Lagos

Shopping online has made life easy for many of us. Some of the benefits of online shopping include convenience, accessibility, variety and cost-effectiveness. With the rapid rate of internet penetration and smart phone in the market, online shopping will keep growing in Nigeria. The idea of online pharmacy has been around for over a decade in Europe, North America and Asia. However, it is still a quite new concept in Africa. In recent years, some online pharmacies has sprung up in Nigeria.

Buying your medicines from online pharmacy makes life easy for you because is more convenient. It is also safer for you during this pandemic because pharmacy is a high risk place. Besides, buying your medicine from ONLY trusted online pharmacy is a must to guarantee the genuinity of the drugs. If you want to save time, efforts, and money, buying from trusted online pharmacy is a wise decision. Below are 7 trusted online pharmacies run by licensed pharmacists in Nigeria.


OneHealth is a Telehealth company that digitizes Pharmacare, using technology to make health care services accessible, and allowing us to remotely manage our patient’s healthcare. Onehealth primary goal is to leverage the power of technology to ensure the right medicines gets to the right hand at the right time. Using properly curated and analyzed data, we are able to track each patient’s medical background, and this translates into a more effective and efficient service for all our patients. We have a large pool of well-trained pharmacists and health professionals who are available on dial to counsel any of our customers without any hassle.

Nett Pharmacy is your one-stop store for quality medications and skincare products. With branches in some major cities in Nigeria, we are committed to delivering best practices in healthcare. Nett pharmacy quest is to be recognized as the health institution that best enables our customers to live well and live better. Nett provides top quality and innovative health and beauty products.

Bydow Investments Limited is a Pharmaceutical company incorporated in April 1994 in Nigeria. Bydow traditional business model is based on providing affordable medical services through Community Pharmacy Practice. The online pharmacy stocks a wide range of medications, supplements and medical devices, all with competitive pricing and top-notch customer service.


For 35 years, Alpha Pharmacy has built and maintained the reputation of being the supplier rare ethical products such as orphan drugs, critical care products and innovative medical devices in Nigeria. Alpha specializes in anesthesia, IVF/O & G, ophthalmology, nephrology/oncology products. Alpha is  also a major distributor of medical equipment for GE USA, and many other multinationals. Alpha community pharmacies are strategically in order to provide expert services across the country.

5. prides itself on being there for, not just your needs, but also those of your whole household. So, if you’re managing the well-being of your partner, children, elderly relative or even a furry friend – Asset pharmacy is the right place. The online pharmacy give you access to products which, among other triumphs, can help you quit smoking when more than sheer willpower is needed, stop a blinding migraine in its tracks .


Medplus is Nigeria’s leading health and beauty retailer. With over 61 stores nationwide, Medplus purpose is to help it’s customers live their lives to the fullest by looking and feeling good. Medplus limited was incorporated as the first ever retail pharmaceutical company in Nigeria on the 23rd of November 1993.

7. is a new online pharmacy that’s connecting integrative pharmaceutical care directly to good health and good life for customers. Hubpharm aspire to make healthcare accessible to millions by giving them quality care at affordable prices in a convenient manner. A customer focused, technology driven and data sensitive company. is an online business of Hubpharm Nigeria Limited, RC 1812043.

It is time to embrace online shopping and enjoy the convenience and easy access to online pharmacist it brings.

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